Super Rare Vintage Dooney & Bourke Doctor Satchel

March 28th, 2014

OMG! This bag is TO DIE FOR! Rare and hard to find, this precious hand-fitted satchel is sometimes referred to as a Doctor bag, as it resembles the big roomy satchels that a doctor used to carry on house calls!

With rich British tan accents, this black all-weather leather Dooney & Bourke satchel comes complete with both sets of straps and an attached key for the working lock! YES!!!!!

Sigh, they really don’t make them like these anymore!!

Available at Granny’s Day Out, Peninsula Shopping Centre. Call +65 6336 9774 or PM us for prices and enquiries.

Bright And Cheery Dresses In An Anti-Depressant House

March 19th, 2014

In the US, one of the pads we rented was so hippie and bohemian, we just had to do a little photo shoot in it!

The place was bright and cosy, and packed with loads of personality. The walls were drenched in a riot of colours, and the interior included rejuvenated vintage furniture and plenty of patterned upholstery. Scattered all over the place were the owner’s own artwork and photographs. Healthy shiny plants reigned indoors and out.

It was eclectic and vibrant – perfect for us both. We felt the colour therapy rejuvenated us at the end of each work day.

Here’s Kyra modelling some of the vintage dresses we’d purchased on our trip, and which are on their way to you (THIS WEEK)! They’re awesome pieces, equally deserving of the environment they were photographed in!


1970s baby doll candy striped maxi dress. That’s the kitchen!

1980s polka dot dress with pink piping. That’s our front door!

Close up of a 1940s lace dress.

Rare and beautiful 1940s blue maxi dress with lace details. That’s our backyard!

1950s brown and cream polka dotted dress. Classic and timeless. That’s the beaded curtain leading to the front room!

Surprising low back on an otherwise conservative 1950s dress.

Embroidered 1960s structured bag – so rich in detail!

Green 1970s Hawaiian print dress. That’s the hallway!

1970s black rattan sling with gold trim, perfect for taking day into night!

Blue Hawaiian print dress with a pink hibiscus motif. You can tell we love our Hawaiian prints!

There was a lemon tree in our neighbours’ garden which extended over to our backyard. We helped ourselves to their lemons (!!)

1950s cocktail dress – looks great with heels or sneakers!

1970s jacket and pant suit, next to a 1970s style beaded curtain!

Structured vintage bags with plenty of character, waiting patiently for their new owners!

Vintage overnight slouchy carrier.

Kyra wears a full suit with top, skirt and a bandana that can be worn on the head or around the waist. Or a bag, if you wish. It’s rare to find a full set of anything these days.

1970s full suit with the cutest colours!

1960s black rattan handbag with an unusual white beaded handle, sharing space with the owner’s artworks.

You Don’t Need Designer Bags To Look Cool!

March 15th, 2014


Vintage bags come in drool-worthy shapes and sizes, colours and styles. Back then, they were just that more creative.

You can have so much more fun with bags when they don’t cost an arm and a leg. And that’s why we ain’t that keen on designer bags! It’s all about the style, not the logo.

These bags are a tiny sample of what we have picked during our buying trip. Truth is, we were so excited about them, we simply couldn’t resist photographing some just to share them with you!

As we speak, they are in boxes right now in the US ready to be shipped out to Singapore next week.

We haven’t priced them yet, so no choping yet. This is just a sneak peek!

By the way, this was the fastest shoot we’ve ever done. It took like, five minutes, wahahaha!

Grannies Take A Trip!

March 13th, 2014

Hey all, we’re Hsiao Ying and Kyra, the girls behind Granny’s Day Out!

As this album is posted, we are away on a buying trip to the US. We thought we’d share with you a rare glimpse into our lives on the road.

Granny’s Day Out travels abroad frequently to bring you vintage goodies from around the world. This trip takes us to the US of A, in March 2014. It’s hard work finding beautiful and wearable vintage clothing for our Singaporean friends, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Driving on the other side of the road drives HY a bit bonkers. But it’s all good.

That’s a cinnamon milk shake to quench all the fiery chillis in Mexican cuisine. Arriba arriba! Ándale!

Crazy sunrise!

We buy amazing dresses from vintage experts who sometimes operate out of strange places. Here, HY is at an undisclosed location. She can’t tell you where, or she may have to kill you!

Unwinding by the beach after a hard day’s work.

This is Abalone.

Our hands smell like taco meat.

We meet all sorts. Here is a married couple who dress alike!

We had to buy the hanger. Imagine a dress on him! You’ll be seeing Magnum, P.I. at our shop soon.

Sometimes, we eat at home. Kyra, being half Korean, cooks soondubuchige one night!
What’s that, you say? Tofu and seafood chilli soup with kelp and anchovies.

Whose foot is this? The right answer and best caption wins a mystery price.
This was the day the sun burned so bright, Kyra got a tanline on her forehead where her fringe stops.

Here’s our spiffy little red car rented in California, with some of the vintage luggage bags that are on its way to you.

Ahhhhh… We could live here.

We’re not so good at selfies. This is our third try. After that, we couldn’t be arsed!

Cheeky sea lions at the beach everywhere. They were too lazy to chase after their own food, but had fun racing after fishermen’s catches on lines! We were worried the hooks would cut them.

Dungeness crab – that’s our dinner. Its meat is sweet and delicious, and we feel it’s waaaay better than Sri Lankan crabs.

Right. What is this about?
HY bought a new pair of high waist jeans which were way too tight. It was cutting off her blood circulation. So she decided to expand them by 1. spraying some warm water around the waist and 2. fitting the jeans on a wide piece of something- anything – to stretch it out, in this case, a floral bolster with a black hat having breakfast.
And yeah, it worked like a charm! The jeans stretched like 1″ around the waist!

This billboard for a chicken burger company cracks us up every time we drive past it.
You can’t quite see it, but the painting cow is balancing on another cow. They’re united in a common goal.

We know it seems as if we don’t work very much at all but the opposite is the truth. We just make very good use of the little free time we’ve got – in this case, spending two hours in a niche perfume bar trying to decide whether to get a scent that smells of seafood or one that smells of petroleum.

Coral pink clouds are beautiful.

This girl had a tattoo running down the back of her left leg and snipped one side of her leggings to show it off. You like?

Left: Teeny. Right: Tiny. Those are the nicknames we got from an American friend. Teeny & Tiny.
That’s all, folks!

The Old Curiosity Shoppe

March 12th, 2014


The Old Curiosity Shoppe at Granny’s Day Out is full of fun surprises for everyone. Come on a virtual tour with us to check out some of our prized possessions from the good ol’ days.

All items available at Granny’s day Out, Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Take your pick! Reminisce about your childhood days with these games of the past.

From left to right, clockwise direction:
Pick Up Sticks – your regular ol’ plastic ones, and GIANT-sized wooden ones!
Playing cards
Lotto set
Assorted card games – Jolly Snap, Happy Families, Beat Your Neighbours
“The Tricky Puzzle”

Coronet Series Playing Cards
Made in Australia
With strikingly charming and exotic-looking black and red motifs.

Top Hat Plastic Coated Playing Cards
Made in Australia
For the elegant lady – the loveliest rose motifs.

Beat Your Neighbours Card Game

Happy Families Card Game
Made in England
Scrap the tvs, iPhones and iPads – how about Family Game Night with the kids, with card games like these from YOUR childhood?

These old tin boxes can be fascinating little things!
You can also store anything and everything in these unique boxes, from hair pins, rings, brooches for the ladies, to keys, name cards, guitar picks, etc. for the guys.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em
Assorted cigar tins from around the world!

In The Kitchen

Stationery Supplies
From left to right:
REEVES Water Colours Set
Scotch brand Transparent Tape – yup, good ol’ reliable Scotch tape

Sudsy Soaps
From left to right:
Yardley English Spring Flowers Perfumed Soap – mm, seems like it would have smelled divine.
Pears’ Soap
Pears has been one of England’s most beloved brands of soap for years and years! And we’re talking, years and years – Did you know? According to records, Pears Soap was the world’s first registered brand and is therefore the world’s oldest continuously existing brand. This particular box features the the brand’s most famous marketing campaign: Millais’s painting Bubbles. Today’s Pears’ soap is unfortunately no longer the same.

Enchanting Scents
Perfumeria Gal tins
Made in Spain
To this day, Perfumeria Gal’s lip balm tins are a beauty favourite – for the great lip care it affords, and for being packaged in adorable, exquisitely designed tins such as these from the past.

Store your vintage baubles and finds in equally endearing vintage boxes!
Here we’ve got some brooches laid out in a Carefree (gum!) tin.

Smaller boxes are the perfect size for keeping some rings! Whether they’re sitting prettily in your box at home, or whether you’re out travelling, these lovely boxes are the perfect companion to your little bits and pieces of vintage jewellery.

And EVEN smaller tins are great for tiny things such as our mini rings!
If you haven’t checked them out, our mini rings are going at 1 for $29, 2 for $55 at our store at Peninsula Shopping Centre

Who’s the fairest of them all?
Vintage mirrors, from handhelds to compacts

Shine in Silver
Exquisite handheld mirror, seen here with an adorable teeny silver chain mail purse

Epitome of Elegance
Turn heads with this golden bronze chain mail purse

Ring a ding ding!

We’ve got all sorts of clocks, ranging from classy to groovy

Jive to the music with these cool radios from the past

The Groovy Housewife
Black Panasonic Radio, made in Taiwan
Old handheld iron
Teal-coloured clock displaying time and date

The most adorable irons you’ve seen. We’ve got the cutest mini iron, and a travelling iron set

The Wanderer


The Lonely Traveler