Classically Cozy

January 6th, 2015

We love a soft cardigan that keep us warm and cozy – Ok, so we may not be able to wear them much here in hot and tropical Singapore, but we can pack them for our travels, or, uhm, wear them to the cinema!

Here are two absolutely gorgeous vintage cardigans that you don’t wanna miss out on!

Stunning and rare 1950s French Angora sweater with dreamy watercolour painting like hand-screen prints. Super soft and super fluffy!
Size: S

PIN UP GIRL Glamorous!
Feast your eyes on this rare and collectible beauty!
Absolutely luxurious 1940s/1950s cream coloured cashmere cardigan with detachable mink collar, inner lace lining, and silver rhinestones and pearl accented jewel type closure.
Love love love love love!!
Size: S

C’mon Get Lucky!

December 18th, 2014

$$$ This could just be your lucky shirt! $$$

The prints on this rare vintage MOSCHINO shirt are absolutely Mmaaaaadddd! We Love it!

Featuring colourful prints of slot-machines and falling coins, this awesome oversized casino print shirt is definitely for a girl who don’t take herself too seriously. Besides. fashion is all about having fun, isn’t it! 🙂

One piece only. Available at Granny’s Day Out.

$$$ Cha-Ching! $$$

Dum Dum Da Dum!

April 16th, 2013

Getting married, or going to someone’s wedding? This beautiful 1950s white dress is a dream to wear with its boned bodice, fully flared skirt with tulle underneath, and blue flowers embroidered across the chest and in vertical panels down the dress.

We can’t wait to see who this dress will fit perfectly!

Size: XS

Simply exquisite!

1960s Batik Dress

March 3rd, 2013
Wouldn’t this be something our mums may have worn back in the Swingin’ Sixties? This piece was purchased in Europe, but we suspect it must have been shipped from Asia in the past. Either that or a lovely European lady snapped this up on one of her travels to Asia in the 1960s!

Anyhoo, this is an awesome dress, really. A mega hippie sunburst design takes centre stage in a beautiful mix of purples and browns. Birds – or turtles? – are scattered separately everywhere around. It is so carefully cut that a special pattern trails round right where the hem of the dress and sleeves end. It’s simply marvellous, and the batik work is amazing!

It’s a size M, and a little longer as is the case with such 1960s dresses, and in this instance, we wouldn’t recommend chopping the hem off. So, all you taller girls out there – we’re hollering at ya!

For prices, please call Granny’s Day Out at 6336 9774.

1960s Batik Dress

All hail this Colour Block romper!

April 6th, 2011

WE ARE not big on trends, but this just happened to be in the store.

It’s fabulous to begin with. And the bright colour blocks are contrasting, yet complimentary!

Let the photos speak for themselves!

One piece only. Swiftly, swiftly.


Photography: Chuck Reyes

Styling: Linda How

Model: Anna Vostrikova at Ave

Hair and Makeup: Joie Leong

Wind Machine: Yujin