Bright And Cheery Dresses In An Anti-Depressant House

In the US, one of the pads we rented was so hippie and bohemian, we just had to do a little photo shoot in it!

The place was bright and cosy, and packed with loads of personality. The walls were drenched in a riot of colours, and the interior included rejuvenated vintage furniture and plenty of patterned upholstery. Scattered all over the place were the owner’s own artwork and photographs. Healthy shiny plants reigned indoors and out.

It was eclectic and vibrant – perfect for us both. We felt the colour therapy rejuvenated us at the end of each work day.

Here’s Kyra modelling some of the vintage dresses we’d purchased on our trip, and which are on their way to you (THIS WEEK)! They’re awesome pieces, equally deserving of the environment they were photographed in!


1970s baby doll candy striped maxi dress. That’s the kitchen!

1980s polka dot dress with pink piping. That’s our front door!

Close up of a 1940s lace dress.

Rare and beautiful 1940s blue maxi dress with lace details. That’s our backyard!

1950s brown and cream polka dotted dress. Classic and timeless. That’s the beaded curtain leading to the front room!

Surprising low back on an otherwise conservative 1950s dress.

Embroidered 1960s structured bag – so rich in detail!

Green 1970s Hawaiian print dress. That’s the hallway!

1970s black rattan sling with gold trim, perfect for taking day into night!

Blue Hawaiian print dress with a pink hibiscus motif. You can tell we love our Hawaiian prints!

There was a lemon tree in our neighbours’ garden which extended over to our backyard. We helped ourselves to their lemons (!!)

1950s cocktail dress – looks great with heels or sneakers!

1970s jacket and pant suit, next to a 1970s style beaded curtain!

Structured vintage bags with plenty of character, waiting patiently for their new owners!

Vintage overnight slouchy carrier.

Kyra wears a full suit with top, skirt and a bandana that can be worn on the head or around the waist. Or a bag, if you wish. It’s rare to find a full set of anything these days.

1970s full suit with the cutest colours!

1960s black rattan handbag with an unusual white beaded handle, sharing space with the owner’s artworks.

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