Spin My Top!

August 31st, 2011

CASUAL SUMMER glam or classic cocktail chic….give your favourite skirt or pair of jeans a spin with a vintage top!!

So, Ladies, what are you waiting for? Spin on down to the shop to try them on!!

For Enquiries, please call the shop at 6336 9774

About “Underwater Doll”

August 24th, 2011

IT WAS grey, rainy and miserable.

We were going to get wet anyway. It was an underwater shoot, after all. But the overcast sky took away the light, and made it freezing cold!

For this month’s photo shoot, we took the plunge.

Into a swimming pool we went, with a gorgeous 16-year-old model Olivia Price, and an ace photographer Vernon Leow.

The theme was Hawaiian – bright, sunny, cheery tropical wear that looks right in our hot climate!

The model sank perfectly. The photographer did not. Someone had to hold him underwater.

It was surreal. Olivia looked like a water nymph, all dream-like with her beautiful red lips and intense gaze.

She kept her eyes steadily open underwater, unblinking. Her hair floated beautifully around her.

It was like a mannequin had sunk to the depths of the pool!

Amazing. Plus it was the most fun we had in a long time!

All Hawaiian dresses, rompers, tops, skirts and accessories from Granny’s Day Out. For enquiries, please call the shop at 63369774.

Underwater Doll

August 24th, 2011

Tropical-Print White and Blue Dress with Ruffles

Rocking Red Mini Dress with Motorbike prints!!

1980s Tropical-Print Romper; Hand-Painted Wooden Bangle

Printed Hawaiian Boy's Shirt- Who Says Girls Can't Wear Them?!

1980s Tropical-Print Dark Green Romper

1980s Floral-Print Cropped Tie-front Top; 1980s painted bangle

Bright Red 1980s Leaf-Print Romper

1980s Hibiscus-Print Blue Romper

Cute 1980s Denim Skirt with Tropical-Print Ruffles (SOLD); Hand-Painted Wooden Bangle

This is Why We are Not Underwater Models

August 24th, 2011

HI! WE are Hsiao Ying and Kyra, the girls behind Granny’s Day Out.

We tried to take some nice photos of ourselves, you know. Tried to look like underwater dolls.

Alas. We were no underwater beauties. Instead, we looked like underwater clowns!

So sad. We’d better stick to selling clothes.

Here are a few of the very many things that can go very wrong in an underwater photoshoot.

Enjoy! 🙂

– The End –


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August 20th, 2011
Sequinned butterfly tops and wigs.

They put on sequinned butterfly tops and wigs.