Storing your vintage jewelry

July 25th, 2008

Necklaces, necklaces, piled on top of one another. That's not the way to store your jewelry!

IF YOU love your vintage jewelry like we do, make sure you store them with care!

After all, they don’t make them anymore. And they don’t make them like they used to. Plus it’s near impossible to find a replacement for your favourite piece of Weiss, Coro or Eisenberg.

  • Don’t stack your jewelry pieces on top on one another. When rubbed against one another, prongs might be shifted and stones can get dislodged. Scratches may also be formed.
  • Do keep your jewelry, especially the ornate beaded or crystal pieces, in separate pouches or boxes made of soft cloth.
  • Small individual ziploc bags are good for individual pieces. If a stone gets dislodged, you’ll find it in the bag!
  • Store beaded jewelry, especially if it is strung on silk or string, flat on a surface, with the beads facing upwards. Many types of string stretch overtime.
  • Extreme heat changes, such as hot car interiors, can cause damage, ruin the finish, affect the glue and loosen the stones.
  • Make sure that your jewelry is completely dry, after any cleaning is done, before you store it.
  • Not all jewelry boxes are created equal. Some woods give off fumes that may damage the jewelry. Metal of plastic boxes are a better bet.