Grannies Take A Trip!

Hey all, we’re Hsiao Ying and Kyra, the girls behind Granny’s Day Out!

As this album is posted, we are away on a buying trip to the US. We thought we’d share with you a rare glimpse into our lives on the road.

Granny’s Day Out travels abroad frequently to bring you vintage goodies from around the world. This trip takes us to the US of A, in March 2014. It’s hard work finding beautiful and wearable vintage clothing for our Singaporean friends, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Driving on the other side of the road drives HY a bit bonkers. But it’s all good.

That’s a cinnamon milk shake to quench all the fiery chillis in Mexican cuisine. Arriba arriba! Ándale!

Crazy sunrise!

We buy amazing dresses from vintage experts who sometimes operate out of strange places. Here, HY is at an undisclosed location. She can’t tell you where, or she may have to kill you!

Unwinding by the beach after a hard day’s work.

This is Abalone.

Our hands smell like taco meat.

We meet all sorts. Here is a married couple who dress alike!

We had to buy the hanger. Imagine a dress on him! You’ll be seeing Magnum, P.I. at our shop soon.

Sometimes, we eat at home. Kyra, being half Korean, cooks soondubuchige one night!
What’s that, you say? Tofu and seafood chilli soup with kelp and anchovies.

Whose foot is this? The right answer and best caption wins a mystery price.
This was the day the sun burned so bright, Kyra got a tanline on her forehead where her fringe stops.

Here’s our spiffy little red car rented in California, with some of the vintage luggage bags that are on its way to you.

Ahhhhh… We could live here.

We’re not so good at selfies. This is our third try. After that, we couldn’t be arsed!

Cheeky sea lions at the beach everywhere. They were too lazy to chase after their own food, but had fun racing after fishermen’s catches on lines! We were worried the hooks would cut them.

Dungeness crab – that’s our dinner. Its meat is sweet and delicious, and we feel it’s waaaay better than Sri Lankan crabs.

Right. What is this about?
HY bought a new pair of high waist jeans which were way too tight. It was cutting off her blood circulation. So she decided to expand them by 1. spraying some warm water around the waist and 2. fitting the jeans on a wide piece of something- anything – to stretch it out, in this case, a floral bolster with a black hat having breakfast.
And yeah, it worked like a charm! The jeans stretched like 1″ around the waist!

This billboard for a chicken burger company cracks us up every time we drive past it.
You can’t quite see it, but the painting cow is balancing on another cow. They’re united in a common goal.

We know it seems as if we don’t work very much at all but the opposite is the truth. We just make very good use of the little free time we’ve got – in this case, spending two hours in a niche perfume bar trying to decide whether to get a scent that smells of seafood or one that smells of petroleum.

Coral pink clouds are beautiful.

This girl had a tattoo running down the back of her left leg and snipped one side of her leggings to show it off. You like?

Left: Teeny. Right: Tiny. Those are the nicknames we got from an American friend. Teeny & Tiny.
That’s all, folks!

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