A little bit about us…

Founded in 2004, Granny’s Day Out was borne of a love for all things old and special.

It all started when the owner, Loh Hsiao Ying, used to zip round the globe for her work in the fashion industry. Everywhere she went, she found awesome kooky vintage shops that piqued her curiosity. Every shop was unique, stamped with the tastes of the individual owners. All of them sold strange, dusty things.

Hence, it was inevitable that, being the old soul that she’d always been, she decided to set up shop in Singapore. Which, by the way, is not in China.

Away, away, from the busiest commercial stretches of Orchard Road. Instead, she found one of the oldest shopping malls she could find – Peninsula Shopping Centre – where the escalators were pretty much always breaking down, and some of the tenants themselves were pretty much vintage.

She also dreamed up a moniker for the shop – Granny’s Day Out. It was inspired by Granny Takes A Trip, a shop in London in the swinging ’60s, much loved by one of fashion’s greatest old-timers Twiggy.

Today, Granny’s Day Out has a physical store at Peninsula Shopping Centre, and an online jewellery store.

The brick-and-mortar shop in Singapore is a well-loved pit stop for shoppers, stylists and bloggers. It stocks a wide collection of women’s vintage clothing, purses, shoes and accessories from the 1920s to the 1980s, painstakingly sourced from all over the world. Every piece has been handpicked, cleaned and lovingly restored, so you can wear everything right away.

The online shop, on the other hand, peddles a small and select range of vintage jewellery – pieces we’d rather hoard for ourselves! Only jewellery – cos it’s dead easy to buy online without having to try it on. Our vintage jewellery is carefully cleaned and checked, with missing stones and parts replaced if necessary.

Today, Hsiao Ying and Kyra, two Granny-wannabes, run the business. They also create monthly in-house photo shoots, often picking girls off the street like pimps.  Always on the lookout for collaborations, they welcome hearing from aspiring photographers, stylists, fashion students, bloggers, makeup- and hair- stylists.

Lots of things come and go, especially in ever-changing Singapore. But Granny’s Day Out hopes to hang around for awhile. Hopefully along the way, we could inspire fellow females to treasure the old, embrace the eclectic, and perhaps, live life a little, especially with their wardrobes!