The Old Curiosity Shoppe


The Old Curiosity Shoppe at Granny’s Day Out is full of fun surprises for everyone. Come on a virtual tour with us to check out some of our prized possessions from the good ol’ days.

All items available at Granny’s day Out, Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Take your pick! Reminisce about your childhood days with these games of the past.

From left to right, clockwise direction:
Pick Up Sticks – your regular ol’ plastic ones, and GIANT-sized wooden ones!
Playing cards
Lotto set
Assorted card games – Jolly Snap, Happy Families, Beat Your Neighbours
“The Tricky Puzzle”

Coronet Series Playing Cards
Made in Australia
With strikingly charming and exotic-looking black and red motifs.

Top Hat Plastic Coated Playing Cards
Made in Australia
For the elegant lady – the loveliest rose motifs.

Beat Your Neighbours Card Game

Happy Families Card Game
Made in England
Scrap the tvs, iPhones and iPads – how about Family Game Night with the kids, with card games like these from YOUR childhood?

These old tin boxes can be fascinating little things!
You can also store anything and everything in these unique boxes, from hair pins, rings, brooches for the ladies, to keys, name cards, guitar picks, etc. for the guys.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em
Assorted cigar tins from around the world!

In The Kitchen

Stationery Supplies
From left to right:
REEVES Water Colours Set
Scotch brand Transparent Tape – yup, good ol’ reliable Scotch tape

Sudsy Soaps
From left to right:
Yardley English Spring Flowers Perfumed Soap – mm, seems like it would have smelled divine.
Pears’ Soap
Pears has been one of England’s most beloved brands of soap for years and years! And we’re talking, years and years – Did you know? According to records, Pears Soap was the world’s first registered brand and is therefore the world’s oldest continuously existing brand. This particular box features the the brand’s most famous marketing campaign: Millais’s painting Bubbles. Today’s Pears’ soap is unfortunately no longer the same.

Enchanting Scents
Perfumeria Gal tins
Made in Spain
To this day, Perfumeria Gal’s lip balm tins are a beauty favourite – for the great lip care it affords, and for being packaged in adorable, exquisitely designed tins such as these from the past.

Store your vintage baubles and finds in equally endearing vintage boxes!
Here we’ve got some brooches laid out in a Carefree (gum!) tin.

Smaller boxes are the perfect size for keeping some rings! Whether they’re sitting prettily in your box at home, or whether you’re out travelling, these lovely boxes are the perfect companion to your little bits and pieces of vintage jewellery.

And EVEN smaller tins are great for tiny things such as our mini rings!
If you haven’t checked them out, our mini rings are going at 1 for $29, 2 for $55 at our store at Peninsula Shopping Centre

Who’s the fairest of them all?
Vintage mirrors, from handhelds to compacts

Shine in Silver
Exquisite handheld mirror, seen here with an adorable teeny silver chain mail purse

Epitome of Elegance
Turn heads with this golden bronze chain mail purse

Ring a ding ding!

We’ve got all sorts of clocks, ranging from classy to groovy

Jive to the music with these cool radios from the past

The Groovy Housewife
Black Panasonic Radio, made in Taiwan
Old handheld iron
Teal-coloured clock displaying time and date

The most adorable irons you’ve seen. We’ve got the cutest mini iron, and a travelling iron set

The Wanderer


The Lonely Traveler

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