Work That Skirt

Versatile, fashionable and fun to wear, skirts are a great way to recharge your wardrobe! Plus, you can pair them in ssoooooo many different ways – think cropped tops, classy dress shirts or casual sweatshirts!

From work-appropriate pencil skirts to casual playful weekend skirts, there’s a skirt for everyone at Granny’s Day Out.

Colourful striped skirt – perfect for sunny days!
Measurements: Waist – 24″

Lovely leaf-print skirt in mustard and black.
Measurements: Waist – 24″

Bubbblegum pink pleated skirt with mini chocolate brown square prints all over!
Measurements: Waist – 25

Vibrant tropical prints on this 1980s high-waisted skirt!
Measurements: Waist – 26″

Romantic and gorgeous 1980s Designer ( Byblos ) asymmetrical lace skirt!
Measurements: Waist – 28″

Love the floral prints on this 1980s tulip skirt!
Measurements: Waist – 25″ ( Will stretch a little), Hips – 37″

Simple green 1980s high-waisted skirt! Pair this with a tank-top, a dressy shirt, a chambray top, a cropped top, a old printed t-shirt etc….. the list is endless!
Measurements: Waist – 24″, Hips – 34″

Funky 1980s black skirt with a centre inverted pleat and bold coloured stripe accents! This skirt gives off a lovely slightly waxy sheen.
Measurements: Waist – 27″

Fabulous 1980s ochre skirt featuring fine corduroy details!
Measurements: Waist – 26″

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