Fun In The Sun

April 6th, 2014

Happy Sunday! Bask in the glorious sun in these bright and cheery outfits. Think maybe, picnic with checkered mat, yummy food, your favourite summer songs, and feeling the breeze in your flowy, swishy skirt/dress!

Black pleated Byblos skirt, made in Italy. Peppered with white polka dots and cheery, tropical green flowers! Oh, did we mention that the skirt comes with pockets? Major plus point! Pair it with a tank top, and/or a denim vest for a casual look and slip on a pair of shades for a sunny day out. Featured here as well, a unique tan-coloured 1970s leather and snakeskin drawstring bag! Just the perfect size to store your cellphone, wallet, and other essentials.

Cute 1970s summer dress, with little white flowers on the bodice and what looks like a quilted pattern on the adorable ruffled sleeves and skirt! Seen here with a funky 1970s leather patchwork bag. A one-of-a-kind bag that’s extremely functional as well, with 3 compartments on the inside.
Kick off your sandals, lay on the green grass, and enjoy some tunes on the radio! (Our radio’s got the groove.)

Here’s a feminine and flowy summer ensemble. Twirl around and have some fun in this one – the bright and lovely yellow instantly brightens up your mood! (Psst, another skirt with pockets!)
Paired here with a 1960s bag that features what seems to be a sun motif.

Work That Skirt

February 25th, 2014

Versatile, fashionable and fun to wear, skirts are a great way to recharge your wardrobe! Plus, you can pair them in ssoooooo many different ways – think cropped tops, classy dress shirts or casual sweatshirts!

From work-appropriate pencil skirts to casual playful weekend skirts, there’s a skirt for everyone at Granny’s Day Out.

Colourful striped skirt – perfect for sunny days!
Measurements: Waist – 24″

Lovely leaf-print skirt in mustard and black.
Measurements: Waist – 24″

Bubbblegum pink pleated skirt with mini chocolate brown square prints all over!
Measurements: Waist – 25

Vibrant tropical prints on this 1980s high-waisted skirt!
Measurements: Waist – 26″

Romantic and gorgeous 1980s Designer ( Byblos ) asymmetrical lace skirt!
Measurements: Waist – 28″

Love the floral prints on this 1980s tulip skirt!
Measurements: Waist – 25″ ( Will stretch a little), Hips – 37″

Simple green 1980s high-waisted skirt! Pair this with a tank-top, a dressy shirt, a chambray top, a cropped top, a old printed t-shirt etc….. the list is endless!
Measurements: Waist – 24″, Hips – 34″

Funky 1980s black skirt with a centre inverted pleat and bold coloured stripe accents! This skirt gives off a lovely slightly waxy sheen.
Measurements: Waist – 27″

Fabulous 1980s ochre skirt featuring fine corduroy details!
Measurements: Waist – 26″