When The Wind Was Green

“When the wind was green at the start of spring
when the wind was green like a living thing
It was on my lips and its kiss was fair
You were there”
(Frank Sinatra)

1970s Floral print dress; 1980s dark green cinch belt
Bust – 32″, Waist – 27″, Hips – 42″

Simple and chic 1980s green dress with breast pockets and lovely textured buttons; 1970s geometric statement necklace; 1980s Gianmarco Lorenzi heels (37.5)
Bust – 34″, Waist – 29″, Hips – 39″

Hit the office in this forest green 1980s polka dot dress dress; 1970s snakeskin leather sling bag with gold chain.
Bust – 33″, Waist – up to 30″, Hips – Full

Cool & breezy 1980s lime-green romper; Slim 1980s stretchable fabric belt with leather accents.
Bust – 35″, Waist – 34″, Hips – 40″

♫ Little froggies sing a song, singing dancing all day long…♫
Whimsical 1980s frog print skirt with pull string waist.
Waist – 30″ (max), Hips – Full

Play your cards right!
Slim emerald green pencil skirt with all over card and dart-board prints.
Waist – 22″-26″, Hips – 35″

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