It’s Easy Being Green

April 24th, 2015

Wear this envious shade in a multitude of ways with these fab vintage finds we have in store!

We love everything about this 1970s dress – the unusual criss-cross neckline, the interlocking rainbow-like prints and the fabulous bold floral prints which makes the dress pop! Gorgeous! Size: XS/S

Black 1970s sheer dress with tiny green leaves scattered around the top of the dress, increasing in numbers down the dress along with pretty floral prints that fill the bottom half of the skirt. Lovely! Size: M/L

Pretty square-framed floral prints fill this cute 1960s skirt! Waist – 28″

Funky 1980s green cropped long sleeved shirt with an unusual zig-zag button opening down the front and awesome graphic prints! Size: Sm/M

Fun multi-color leather bag with patchwork stitched details – which is different on each side of the bag! Nice and roomy, this bag would go with any casual wear!

When The Wind Was Green

February 17th, 2014

“When the wind was green at the start of spring
when the wind was green like a living thing
It was on my lips and its kiss was fair
You were there”
(Frank Sinatra)

1970s Floral print dress; 1980s dark green cinch belt
Bust – 32″, Waist – 27″, Hips – 42″

Simple and chic 1980s green dress with breast pockets and lovely textured buttons; 1970s geometric statement necklace; 1980s Gianmarco Lorenzi heels (37.5)
Bust – 34″, Waist – 29″, Hips – 39″

Hit the office in this forest green 1980s polka dot dress dress; 1970s snakeskin leather sling bag with gold chain.
Bust – 33″, Waist – up to 30″, Hips – Full

Cool & breezy 1980s lime-green romper; Slim 1980s stretchable fabric belt with leather accents.
Bust – 35″, Waist – 34″, Hips – 40″

♫ Little froggies sing a song, singing dancing all day long…♫
Whimsical 1980s frog print skirt with pull string waist.
Waist – 30″ (max), Hips – Full

Play your cards right!
Slim emerald green pencil skirt with all over card and dart-board prints.
Waist – 22″-26″, Hips – 35″

New In

November 26th, 2013

GO GREEN with one of our pretty green printed vintage dresses!

From Left:

1980s Green & Pink Floral Dress – Size: Sm/M
1970s Teal ” Jelly Babies ” Print Peplum Dress – Size: M/L
1980s Green & Brown Paisley Print Dress – Size:Sm/M

Pretty In Green