Terrific Tuesdays

You can have one too if you score yourself one of these terrific vintage pieces!

What can we say – three standout pieces here! Feminine, quirky, and sometimes eccentric – it’s why we love vintage!

Beautiful dark green dotted and textured 1960s dress with a thick elastic waist. Paired with a 1980s leather and snakeskin bag.
Dress size: S

Wow them with this Dashiki print maxi, guaranteed to turn heads. Wear it with, or without a slinky 1970s gold belt.
Dress size: M/L
Paired with a snakeskin clutch/sling.

You’ll be jumping for joy too, if you had this jumpsuit!
1980s maroon velour jumpsuit paired with a 1980s rope and twine belt.
Size: S

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