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1980s textured tulip-print dress, paired with a dark green cinch belt.
Size: Bust – 35″, Waist – 30″, Hips – 42″

Cute 1980s blue dress with colourful prints of what looks like the letter “e” !
Worn here with a dark blue cinch belt.
Size: Bust – 34″, Waist – 24″-38″ (Elasticized), Hips- 45″

♫ Raindrops keep falling on my head ♫
The prints on this dress remind us of raindrops!
1980s dark-blue peplum dress with raindrop-like prints and cute ruffle accents on the neckline and bodice.
Size: Bust – 34″, Waist- 22″-34″ (Elasticized), Hips – Full

Quirky 1980s black and white polka-dots and stripes combo print dress. Paired with a black and silver-tone cinch belt.
Size: Bust – 35″, Waist – 24″-34″ (Elasticized), Hips – Full

Dusty lilac lace dress featuring interesting front button details.
Paired here with a burgundy coloured cinch belt.
Size: Bust – 34″, Waist – 23″-33″, Hips – Full

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