Happy Customers!

Zee, we think you look velly chio in what you bought at GDO, hehehe! Short spunky hair goes great with sexy stringy backs!
On another note, this dress was a little long in the torso for Zee, so we altered it to fit her perfectly. ❥

This 1970s blue polka dot dress was actually a really long maxi dress which looked a little dated but May saw the potential in this – so we shortened the sleeves, altered the length to above the knee, and, Ta-dah!!
The result? A really cute day dress that looks fresh, modern, but still retaining all the vintage details!

It’s so hard to find 1950s dresses these days, and Cheryl seems to know that! This customer zoomed in on the few we have in the shop right away, and found this lovely number that fitted her to a tee.
Cheryl told us: “The moment I tried this dress on, I knew I had to have it.”
We’re so happy this dress has found its rightful owner! Please don’t ever part with it, Cheryl!

Our camera-shy customer, Diana, has a penchant for vintage jewellery!
Today, she layers two necklaces together to make the look her own. A 1980s floral pendant on a chain and a floral cylindrical beaded necklace sit wonderfully together on her neck.
She says it reminds her of Chinese porcelain bowls. We say it looks like vintage Chinese hot flasks too!


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