FIVE GREAT TIPS on Buying Vintage Clothing!

TIP #1

Be willing to try different styles, and develop the confidence to wear them. Vintage is not really for the faint of heart, or for women who don’t want to stand out from the crowd. Vintage clothing looks very different from modern day clothing (obviously!), from the choice of cut, colour, print, material etc, and some people find all that daunting and won’t even give it a try. But the ones who do, the ones who are open and adventurous enough to pick up a dress and think, “This is something I am not used to, but I’m willing to give it a go”, often find, to their surprise, that they may have chanced upon a new look for themselves!

This may be the most important tip, as it opens you up to the wonderful world of vintage where no two pieces are the same, and the myriad of choices can be staggering.

TIP #2

Alteration. Well, vintage clothing, by nature, is mostly one-off. That means, one piece, one size. It also means, unless you’re in luck, the size may be wrong for you. A little imagination can go a long way. How would it look if you cut it short? If it’s loose around the bust, perhaps you could size it down. We work closely with seamstresses to help fit dresses to an individual.

TIP #3

Some customers come in looking for a vintage dress specifically for a party or a dinner and dance. Sometimes, they want to stretch the value of garment by being able to wear it to a party as well as to, uhm, the office.

Usually though, these are girls who are a tad conservative in their dressing and won’t take a chance wearing something that might differentiate themselves too much from the rest. Also, they want a safe, simple piece that they can wear to work, when their workplace may not encourage creative dressing.

Can you see the dilemma? Very seldom can you find one dress to fit a few occasions adequately – unless it’s a simple black dress that functions as a clean palette – let alone a vintage dress. Some vintage dresses in more sober prints and severe silhouettes may work, but these may not rock it at a party!

Our take on party dressing is: Don’t be a wallflower! This is your chance to be outrageous and let your hair down! For instance, if it’s a 1960s party, let your clothes and accessories be loud and crazy, perhaps in a psychedelic print.

Buy a statement piece for a party. If you can’t wear it to work, don’t wear it to work. Wear it to other parties, or if you’re an adventurous dresser, take it out on weekends. Otherwise, sell it, or give it to someone else who may really appreciate it!

TIP #4

Mix and match vintage pieces with modern articles of clothing. This adds versatility to everyday dressing, and gives your outfit an interesting edge. For instance, a singlet can be paired with a gyspy skirt; a slouchy modern jacket can be pinned with a huge and shiny crystal vintage brooch; or a 1950s cotton day dress can be paired with flip flops and a beach tote. etc etc.

TIP #5

Ignore trends, and focus on creating your own style. For example, we had customers buying 1980s jumpsuits and rompers waaaaaay before the trend kicked in and all the high-street stores were selling them.

These were girls who ignored what everyone else was wearing, and were ahead in the game!


  1. L’ audace, l’ audace, toujours l’ audace! (Style is not for the faint-hearted.)

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