1960s Batik Dress

Wouldn’t this be something our mums may have worn back in the Swingin’ Sixties? This piece was purchased in Europe, but we suspect it must have been shipped from Asia in the past. Either that or a lovely European lady snapped this up on one of her travels to Asia in the 1960s!

Anyhoo, this is an awesome dress, really. A mega hippie sunburst design takes centre stage in a beautiful mix of purples and browns. Birds – or turtles? – are scattered separately everywhere around. It is so carefully cut that a special pattern trails round right where the hem of the dress and sleeves end. It’s simply marvellous, and the batik work is amazing!

It’s a size M, and a little longer as is the case with such 1960s dresses, and in this instance, we wouldn’t recommend chopping the hem off. So, all you taller girls out there – we’re hollering at ya!

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1960s Batik Dress

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