Watch Granny on Fashion Ambush, Channel 8!


Granny’s Day Out was on Fashion Ambush, a local Chinese fashion entertainment programme on Channel 8 on June 4!!!

Watch the full video here! Granny’s Day Out on Fashion Ambush, Channel 8!

So, here’s a short summary of what happened!!!

p.s Lots of exclamation marks in this post!!!

Kena ambushed on the street by fashion police Ben and Trey

I am a summation of parts.

So anyway they came over to Granny's Day Out

... and gawked at stuff

They gushed over vintage new old stock jewelry

... and yakked about vintage travel bags

Ben puts on a dress

...but decides I look better in it

Trey says this 80s jumpsuit is very Bian Yuan Shao Nian (Wayward Teenager), a local show in the 80s

So I put on the jumpsuit and strike a pose in the hope that someone out there will realise that I am truly meant to be a TV star.

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