February 26th, 2013

These pieces of jewelry are reminiscent of the 1920s in that the silhouettes were heavily influenced by the angular geometric styles of the Art Deco period.

Streamlined and stunning, they turn simplicity into an art. It’s easy to see the appeal of the art deco aesthetic that has lasted throughout the last 100 years!

From left: 1940s Art Deco Earrings – stunning! These vintage earrings date back 70 years, but remain modern due to its simple geometric lines so evocative of the art deco period. Various geometric shapes are stacked one on top of the other, culminating in a little black oval stone that sits on top, creating a 3D effect.

Middle: Her Glam Glitteriness – These simple earrings are chic, and not too flashy due to their relatively small size. With two black enamel panels flanking each side of a middle glittery section, it brings to mind the luxury and glamour of the 1980s.

Right: Red Door Knocker Pendant – This lovely pendant comes in a resplendent luscious red enamel, and reminds us somewhat of a simple door knocker! There is even a hinge that allows the lower red bit to swivel front and back like one! Very cute, and would go with a great many things.



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February 22nd, 2013

Will look pretty on ear lobes!

Clockwise from top left:
1. 60s Les Bernard Earrings: Unusual! A cluster of different sized squarish green beads sit side by side in a dome shape. Some look like they have been crammed together, others deliberately set apart. It all looks very random – the work of Les Bernard, an inventive pioneer in jewelry designs that started way back in the 1930s. SGD65.00.

2. ‘Hello, we are Inverted Commas!’: How very adorable are these earrings that look like single inverted commas when you wear them! They are rather unusual! Circa 1970s. SGD45.00.

3. Cute 1980s Beaded Drops: A reddish brown bead encased in metal sits on the ear lobe, with a smaller bead dangling off the bottom. Very cute! SGD35.00.

4. 1950s Japanese Beaded Clip-Ons: Lovely clip on earrings with a multitude of different black and white glass beads sewn together, with an aurora borealis stone sitting off centre.

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New Arrivals!

October 12th, 2012

Look smart at work, yet stand out from your co-workers! This striped yellow and navy shirt dress (Size: XS) with cute buttons is serious enough for the office, but neither staid nor boring. Here, we match it with sailboat shaped goldtone earrings and the cutest 1960s little black handbag with a neat bow.

If you have ever thought vintage clothing was tricky to pull off at the office, this outfit will prove you wrong! This 1960s sheath dress (Size: M) is simple and classic with a clean silhouette. It has marvelous details at the collar – an extra swoosh of fabric fastened with a big round button wrapped in the same material.
With a neckline like this, keep away from necklaces. Instead, opt for jewellery such as bangles and rings, or in this case, a quirky pair of 1960s emerald green crystal clip-on earrings.
Complete the look with a stylish 1960s handbag with beautiful gold-tone hardware.

It’s the weekend – yay! Roam the streets, or the beaches, in a sweet 1970s cotton hippie embroidered top (Size: S) that keeps you cool in the heat. It’s in such great condition, it looks almost brand new!
Here, we paired it with a lovely longish denim wrap skirt with the cutest side pockets. It’s pretty much free size, so anyone from a S-L can possibly wear it.
And just for fun, we wrapped it all up with a French silk scarf round the head – so 50s!

This colourful bubbles printed dress is light, comfortable and breezy; perfect for our glorious sunny weather! (Size: Sm/M)
Paired here with a funky pair of 1980s denim fabric earrings!

Here’s a chic 1980s colour block dress for your work wear wardrobe!
In three solid colours of red, teal and black, the design is simple yet the different coloured sleeves add a little quirkiness to the outfit.
With colour blocking, it’s best to stay away from prints. Stick to accessories and shoes in solid colours, in order to fully achieve that colour blocking effect!
Here, we paired it with a funky red and black 1980s bag, a black 1980s bangle and simple black pumps!

Inject some femininity into the work place with this soft dusky pink 1970s dress (Size: S/M) with long flowing sleeves. It’s pretty, and modest, and will make you feel womanly!
We cinch it with a lovely light grey stretch belt with a seashell clasp – a surprising touch. Together with squarish silver-toned clip on earrings with a little rhinestone in the centre, the look is complete.

Earthy tones rule this floral 1970s dress (Size: S). It’s soft, feminine, and understated, with a little bow at the decolletage. It’s great for a casual work environment with pumps, yet doubles up as a weekend dress with sandals.
Here, we pair a little oval-shaped pendant with three sweet pearls on a gold-toned chain. A stunning art-deco sling bag with a bronze sheen and an unusual shape looks perfect with it.

This stunning 1970s black and white halter neck gown is another vintage beauty that transcends time and trends!
It features a crisscross neckline that buttons up at the back, and flaunts a sexy keyhole bust. (Size: XS)
Sweep your hair back to show off the neckline and add your favourite jewelry to complete the look! Here, we’ve worn it with a pair of 1980s “chilli peppers” danglies. 🙂

At Granny’s day Out, we always try to have dresses that would fit larger sizes.
Some larger size women say they don’t think vintage is for them, but that’s not true.
A lot of secretary dresses and blouses from the 70s and 80s look great on plus size ladies, as do shift dresses, bohemian dresses and even party dresses from the 50s or 60s.
This 1980s printed dress, with its free flowing skirt and elasticated waist, would flatter an hourglass body shape (Size: L). The material seems to be of a linen/cotton blend, which would be really comfortable to wear all day at the office, or out walking in town!
Here, we’ve paired it with a quirky flying duck brooch in the shape of a crescent moon, and a 1960s A-go-go belt.