Sweet 1980’s polka-dot dress

The immensely popular polka-dot pattern shares its name with the dance, the “polka”, and it is generally believed that there is a direct connection linking the two together, and that the pattern originated from the Gypsies in Europe.

Anyhow, history aside, we adore polka-dots, and we believe that most of you ladies have at least one polka-dot item in your wardrobe, no? They never seem to go out of style! 🙂

Here’s a sweet 1980’s blue dress with tiny white polka-dots all over the dress, complete with ruffled sleeves, and yes, ladies, pockets!! It may be a little long, but that can easily be altered to a length that better suit you.

Size: M

Paired here with a small 1980’s Etienne Aigner sling bag.

Sweet and casual!

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