Say Yes To Prints…

…Cos they are so much fun to wear!

Here are just some of our favourite vintage print outfits available at the shop!

Adorable! Bright and cheery 1960s baby-doll mini dress!
Measurements (taken flat):
Bust – 34″

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
Bold and delicious looking apples fill this 1960s playsuit! Super – Yummy!
Measurements (taken flat):
Bust – 34″, Waist – 27′, Hips – 44″

Welcome to Parrot-dise!
Gorgeous 1970s bias-cut tropical print dress with prints of cute parrots hiding among the foliage!
Measurements (taken flat):
Bust – 36″, Waist – Up to 30″, Hips – 40″

This looks like a piece of art!
Abstract print 1960s key-hole maxi dress.
Measurements (taken flat)
Bust – 36″, Waist – 25″, Hips – 39″

A Night Of A Thousand Moons…
Fun 1980s crescent moon print shirt- dress!
Measurement (taken flat):
Bust – 37″, Waist – 20″ – 38″ (Elasticated), Hips – Full

Once Were Warriors
How cute are these Red-Indians on horse-back prints?!!
This is meant to be a skirt, but worn here on the mannequin as a tube dress! All you need is a belt and voila!
Waist – 32″ – 41″

Medals and polka dots fill this fun and flowy 1980s button- down maxi skirt!
Measurements (taken flat)
Waist – 24″ – 31″

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