About “Enter The Dragon”


To usher in the year of this magnificent mythic creature, we felt an irrepressible urge to romp around an old dragon playground in Toa Payoh, dressed in cheery crimson outfits and cloisonne jewelry.

Shaped like a dragon and filled with sand, our setting for this month’s photo shoot used to be a common sight in Singapore. To our dismay, these playgrounds in HDB estates have been gradually phased out over the years.

This particular one in Toa Payoh was designed in 1979, drawing inspiration from the ubiquitous Oriental dragon in Chinese culture. It is also one of the very few vintage playgrounds left on the island.

Our model, Kyra Ching, needs no introduction. She is a familiar face at the shop, and here, models outfits in all shades of pink, be it blushing or flushing!

We’re pretty sure your relatives would be well-pleased when you show up at their doorstep dressed in prosperous crimson shades.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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