Our friend, Wahyu Rahman!

We’re absolutely thrilled to have a dear old friend of ours, Wahyu Rahman, help model for Granny’s Day Out.

For those who are not in the know, Wahyu is a very multi-talented lady who is now based in KL. She is a mother, producer, actress, and an image conceptualiser who has gained much popularity in recent years! She and her husband used to run one of the very first cafes on Haji Lane called Kaki5.

Wahyu, by the way, is also a lover of all things vintage! 🙂

Here, she models for us a lovely vintage 1970’s yellow floral day dress with a sweet ribbon sash at the neckline (Size: S/M), an awesome vintage 1960’s paisley print fabric suitcase, and a pair of wooden dangle earrings.

So boho chic!


Wahyu looking great in vintage!

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