Maxi Wednesday

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Stunning and fun1970s maxi with a checkered print skirt and a really interesting designed bodice.
Size: Sm/M
Bust – 17″, Waist – 28″, Length: 52.5″

Fabulous 1960s Hawaiian made maxi with a textured white bodice and a bold print skirt.
Size: M
Bust – 36″, Waist – 29″, Length – 57″

Bold pink florals fill this oriental inspired mandarin-collared 1970s maxi dress, it even comes attached with a sweet pink flower applique.
This would also make a great short dress – imagine what you can do with all that excess fabric? We’re thinking tote bag, a scarf, or even a mini skirt!
Size: M
Measurements: Bust – 35″, Waist – 32″, Length – 54.5″

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