Jumpsuit Day

☂ On this rainy and cloudy day, let these vintage jumpsuits brighten up your day! ☂

Happy Friday everyone!

Oohh, we love a wide-legged jumpsuit!
Pretty floral 1980s wide-legged jumpsuit with pearly round buttons down the bodice – perfect with wedges, or strappy sandals!
Size: Sm

Wanna mix and match prints but don’t know how?
Well, let this jumpsuit do the job for ya!
Awesome 1980s jumpsuit with a great floral print top and a contrasting black and white tiny grid-like prints for the bottom!
You Just have to add a belt – like this funky 1970s leather one pictured here.
Size: M/L

Sometimes, a masculine-like outfit make you a 100 times more feminine!
Ooze effortless style in this funky sandy-coloured 1980s jumpsuit! Tres Chic!
Size: Sm/M

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