Grannies Take Another Trip!

Hi, we’re Kyra and Hsiao Ying, and we run Granny’s Day Out.

Once in a while, we disappear for a while. That’s when we usually go shopping for GDO.

This time, we returned to the US again, because it has been so good to us!

It’s really hard work buying vintage clothing, though from the looks of these photos, all we seem to do is eat and play. The reality of it is, it’s been getting more and more difficult finding awesome and older vintage clothing and accessories as the years go by. And you know we don’t buy just any old thing!

Luckily, for all of us, it was a very fruitful trip this time. We bought loads of beautiful vintage clothing and accessories that we can’t wait to share with you.

In the meantime, here are some photos from our trip – mostly fun moments, that give you a glimpse into our life on the road.


The house we rented – it had a beautiful vintage oven (that kept making an unnerving clicking sound even when it was off) and diner-style booth seats!

And the meals we cooked: Left, HY with her signature sloppy pink sauce sausage pasta; Right, Kyra with her signature and very neat bibimbap!

Kyra with her morning hair eating an omelette. Look at that puffy ‘do!

The marinas at California are well docked. If there’s an empty space, it’s likely the boat’s out!

We went searching for whales, but found only dolphins!
Good enough, we suppose!

Maybe for Christmas, HY could get some new boobs.

Chikin meel Part II. We just love ’em naughty cows!

Grannies say hello from the U.S of A!

Granny’s donuts through a very dirty windscreen!

Things Grannies do to unwind around the house.

Christmas gift ideas! Clockwise from top left: Mug with bling ring holder; Muffin tops baking cups; “We’re Not Worthy” photo frame.

That’s a penny-farthing he’s riding! Now, how does he get up?
We looked it up and Wikipedia says, “Mounting requires skill. The rider must first grasp the handlebar and place one foot on a peg above the back wheel. Then the rider scoots the bicycle forward to gain momentum and quickly jumps up onto the seat while continuing to steer the bicycle and maintain balance.”

Halloween around the neighbourhood.

When in Rome… always find time for a massage!

We had some time to kill before our movie, “Dumb and Dumber To”.
Expressions from top to bottom: Happy – Sad – Confused – Dumb.
The movie was so bad, it left us with expression no. 2.

It’s USD20 a pop to be serenaded by this Mexican man band.
No thanks! We averted our gazes and stared at our shrimp plates.

Strange alien plants by the side of the road.
Can anyone tell us what they are?

Chillaxing at a beautiful pebbly beach!

Third rock from the sun!

There’s better Korean food in the US than SG!
Left: The beef bulgogi we ordered comes with many different types of vegetables for wrapping to give different flavours and textures. Plus, we ordered a mung bean omelette which was super yums!
Right: Really good Bossam (boiled pork wraps). That was the smallest size available and we couldn’t finish it because our eyes were bigger than our stomachs plus we ordered a very delicious YukGaeJang (spicy beef soup) on top of it all.
Greedy Grannies!

Flora thrashing, be it cacti or bougainvillea!

Trekking on cliffs: HY was scared shitless. Kyra looked into the face of Death and took its mask off

We only saw the rattlesnake sign after we’d done what we’d done in the next picture.

If we had seen that sign earlier, we would never have gone into the bush.
Captions for these two photos anyway: We scan the earth for vintage clothing. Can you spot us?

Grannies get hungry too!
Clockwise from top left: Vietnamese pho; biggest chocolate cake slice in the world; fresh oysters and boiled octopus; massive Mexican breakfasts; mini hot pots; boiled crab legs; churros; and potatoes with poached eggs and green chile.

Some boxes filled with vintage clothing and accessories packed and readied for Singapore.
You won’t believe what’s in those boxes – super unbelievable awesome stuff, we’re telling ya!
Watch this space!


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