About “The Disenchanted Mistress”

INITIALLY, WE didn’t think anyone would want to look like a disenchanted mistress, really. We just thought it might be fun.

So we put our friend Maya-lynn in all these wonderful vintage dresses and shot her in a house shared by three bachelors – a hovel, really. But a hovel that managed to inspire us, with its built-in 60s wardrobes, grimy bathrooms, and well, general disarray.

Back to the clothes: It’s all rather grown-up, a little severe. There’s a smouldering sultriness simmering underneath the longish dresses with covered sleeves and muted tones. There are details that scream woman – small waists, curvaceous silhouettes, thick shoulder pads.

And Maya-lynn rocked it with a dash of flourish, and a devil-may-care attitude!

Now Granny wants to look like a disenchanted mistress, too. Anyone else?

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