About “Take Me for a Spin”

ONCE UPON a time, there was a bluish gray Nissan Sunny.

His name was Jimmy, and he was 19 going on 20. He wasn’t particularly handsome or fancy like other vintage cars that got shown off at car shows. In fact, he was pretty much battered and beaten up. He had what you would call – character – and was a machine that had seen better days and numerous adventures.

With an inevitable appointment with the scrapyard in 2011, we got a little sentimental, and decided to photograph Jimmy for posterity. We took Kyra Ching, an extremely cute and spunky girl with the most amazing short crop, out for a spin.

We put her in Jimmy’s front seat, we put her in Jimmy’s back seat. We plonked her on top of his boot, and balanced her precariously on his bonnet.

We put her in little vintage dresses, and paired them all with Feiyue sneakers. There were huge shoulder pads, small discreet prints, peplums to emphasise a small waist, and an unusual cross back.

All vintage clothing, jewelry and Feiyue sneakers available at Granny’s Day Out, as of now. Hurry down to the store and try them all, quickly, quickly, speedily, speedily.

For enquiries, please call the store at +65 63369774.


  1. Oh!!!! I really want the 1970s blue and white printed mazi dress with twisted shoulder strap!!!! Please please reserve it for me!!!! I’ll come down to the store tomorrow, after work to buy it!

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