About ” Something In The Air”

There once was a Captain

It wasn’t a He

Her name was Lara

So fabulous, was she!


With bucket loads of attitude

She takes to the highest altitudes

“I say, this is your Captain speaking,

“Fasten your seatbelts, stop squealing!”


Up in the air, it’s no-nonsense in epaulettes

Back on land, curvy dresses flatter her silhouette

You’d scarce recognise her

She causes quite a stir!


A beauty to behold in dramatic frocks

In somber shades of jet, ebony and soot,

Sweet, sexy, severe and stylish

Her black dresses are timeless, and classy to boot!


So book a trip with us

We suggest you check in early

You don’t need a visa or passport

And baggage allowance is unlimited, surely!



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Wishing you a pleasant ride,

Granny’s Day Out

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