About “Runaway Train”

WE LOVE super long dresses, and let us tell you why!

They are the epitome of femininity. They can be girlish or womanly. We love the feel of fabric swishing and swooshing around our ankles. We love pairing them with sandals and feeling like gypsies. We love wearing them with huge earrings and feeling like bohemians. And best of all, we can sit around like hooligans without showing the world our panties!

This month, our beautiful friend Kels shows us how to pull off long vintage dresses with flourish, in our latest photo spread Runaway Train.

Train travel (not talking the MRT!) has such a beautiful old-world charm and romance to it. For this shoot, we staked out old train tracks all over Singapore, and were amazed at how much of the island we haven’t seen, if we don’t go out of our way to see it.

We hope you enjoy Runaway Train as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

To enquire about the dresses featured here, please call us at the store (6336 9774).

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