About “Ramshackle Playground”

THEY COULDN’T be more different. And we’re not just talking about their hair!

There’s Sandrine, from Belgium, with her boyish platinum blonde crop. She’s cheeky, playful, clownish at times.

And then there’s Shawna, a local lass with straight brown locks. Broody and contemplative, she can stare anyone down, and make them slightly nervous.

These two are the best of friends, and quite often, you won’t see one without the other.

This month, Granny’s Day Out takes these two friends out to a decrepit abandoned warehouse in the boondocks of Loyang for a photoshoot. It was super ulu to say the least, and a trek to get to! Plus it had ridiculously high security – although you wouldn’t know it just by looking at the pictures!

Amidst the heat, mosquitoes and gawking men, we dressed the girls.

For Sandrine, we put her in designer pieces from the 1980s: long white shirt dresses that graze the ankles; checkered fisherman pants with bulging pockets; a rayon pinafore dress. It’s a little bit avant garde, a little more European, a different side to the 80s.

As for Shawna, we covered her with frills, ruffles, ruches, lamé and shoulder pads – all the details that make up the excesses of the 80s, as we know it!

And what fun it was shooting these two friends, who shared an easy chemistry while exploring nooks and crannies in their ramshackle glam!

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Special thanks to…
The very kind Rami Hanna: If not for him, we wouldn’t have been able to use this location. Plus, he fed us cold Pepsi!
Darrell Chung, our photographer friend, for all these lovely images! Darrell is the proud father of baby Curtis, whom he is certain will one day be on the Ellen show.

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