About “Queen Of Domesticity”

There once was a housewife, not too long ago

Whose husband was oft out, earning the dough

She dresses up daily, from her head to her toes

She always look pretty, she’s just like a rose!

She cooks, washes, irons, and mops

Burning calories in her heels and fifties’ frocks

Be it plain, floral or elegant print

The dresses are gorgeous, rare and mint!

Is she happy, this queen of domesticity?

The lady seems restless in this capacity

The cook, the maid, the mother, the wife

Is it what she dreamed of – this life?

Her home may not always be neat as a pin

The milk spilled, the shirts burning

She’s not perfect, but she tries her best

Hats off to the missus, at least she’s faultlessly dressed!


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