About “Knot Your Average Girl”

HAIL THE mighty great vintage scarf – worn in 21 amazing ways!

You can wear a scarf in sooooo many ways. As a halterneck top, it’s sexy. Around your neck – very gamine. As a headband – whimsical. There’s even a way to use a scarf as a mobile phone pouch around your waist! Best of all, scarves are affordable, versatile, and come in plenty of patterns and colours.

Our model for the shoot is Pearlin Siow – author, pilates expert and not quite your average girl with her athletic figure and lovely tattoos. It was an overcast day, soon after the Bukit Timah floods. We trooped to Keppel, and proceeded to tie her up, tie her down. She posed beside a canal, a pool, and a bay with boats. We made believe we were on holiday in France.

So come down to the store, and buy a scarf – for yourself, or for a loved one this Christmas. All scarves retail for $25-$55.

See you soon!


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