About “Honey, We Love Old Things!”

WE LOVE old things, as you can tell. Hence, when we stumbled upon a super cute vintage cafe, we decided to make it a location for this shoot!

Carpenter and Cook is a quaint little place that sells yummy scones, cakes and tarts (all lovingly made on-premise). It is also chock full of vintage paraphernalia. Scattered all over its premises are old sewing machines, vintage radios and random knickknacks. You can sit on it, eat off it, and the best part? You can also buy it! It’s just our kind of thing. 😛

And to model this month’s clothes, we just had to have Melissa Tai, a writer with The Honeycombers. Her spunk, sassiness and cheeky grins lent an irrepressible energy to the shoot. The Honeycombers, if you do not yet know, is an online magazine that lets you in on what’s fun to do, what’s good to see, and what’s delicious to eat on our little island.

As for this month’s theme, it’s florals, florals, florals. Florals have always been around, and we like how they come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Whether it’s teeny weeny wallflower-like prints, or bold punchy in-your-face blooms, we’ve got ’em covered. Bright, cheery and girlish, the clothes are not just pretty, but exude a nostalgic charm that harks from the past.

Every piece of vintage clothing and jewellery featured in this photoshoot is for sale. All are unique and one-off. There are many pieces here that we love, but also hundreds more at the shop that we did not manage to photograph.

Come down to the shop and find something for yourself! For enquiries and reservations, please call the shop at 6336 9774.

See you at Granny’s Day Out!

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