Vintage Copper Jewellery

October 1st, 2012

Some of you might recall the gorgeous 1950s Renoir copper jewelry set we had in store some time ago.

And if you had wanted to get your hands on it but was unfortunately too late, don’t despair, because right now, we have three very unique mid-century copper jewelry pieces available in store :
A copper link bracelet with what looks like stylized thunderbird designs engraved onto each link, a pair of rectangular copper earrings by Renoir, and a gorgeous copper flower brooch.

Ok, so copper may not quite fit into the category of precious metals but men started using this very versatile material thousands of years to create tools, weapons etc…. And due to copper’s malleability, it is quite possible to create amazing and extraordinary designs and thus often used in jewellery making. Copper jewellery is not just earthy and rustic in design and feel; did you also know copper is also known to have healing properties?Plus, Joan from “Mad Men” was seen wearing a vintage copper jewellery set in one of the episodes, and even Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing vintage Renoir Matisse copper bracelets during one of her perfume launches!

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Start collecting these very handsome and unique pieces now!