September 13th, 2013

SWEET IN GREEN! Quadruple-strand beaded necklace from the 1960s. Notice the box clasp that makes such a cute feature of the necklace!

1980s earrings in a cute combination of red and black colours!

This pair of 1950s Swarovski crystal earrings is so gorgeous and rare! Glam!

Jazz up your outfit with this dynamic beaded necklace from the 1980s!

For owl lovers! A silver bracelet adorned with adorable owl charms. Which owl is your favorite?

An antique piece from the 1910s!! Rare and beautiful.

This 1960s necklace is bold enough to be distinctive but subtle enough to be worn all the time, with everything.

Enamel Mr. Penguin with a top hat is from the 1980s! Adorable little brooch!

This 1980s necklace is a fun and striking piece!

Hear me roar!

January 4th, 2013

Love big cats?

Well, here’s a purr-fect necklace for you big cat lovers – an awesome vintage 1980’s asymmetrical beaded plastic choker with a gold-tone raised big wild cat motif.

It seems to be on a prowl and my my, its got a rather menacing look we must say! You wouldn’t wanna mess with it.

Unusual and unique 1980’s big cat necklace