Cute Vintage Animal Brooches Online!

February 11th, 2013

Cute animal brooches for our Vintage Jewellery online store!

Clockwise from left:
Signed and Sealed: his golden seal is playful, and balances a green ball on its nose. It’s got a beady green eye and rhinestones around its neck. Signed “Craft”, a subsidiary brand of Gem-Craft, a company which used to manufacture jewellery for Kenneth J. Lane and Kramer. Circa 1960s. SGD69.00.

Strut Like A Peacock: This little peacock brooch has red enamel for a body and black enamel for its plumage. Makes a great addition for anyone who loves brooches. Circa 1980s. SGD35.00.

A Pet Is For Life: Cute mini sausage dog brooch with little gold faceted bits all over its little body. Circa 1980s. New Old Stock. SGD35.00.