Little Miss Sunshine

January 26th, 2014

Here are some summery hues to brighten up your Sunday.

You’ll be all set for your next Sunday picnic with these lovely dresses.

Tropical Girl Dress

Hello Yellow! Darling & Delightful 1940s/1950s Day Dress

Lady in Yellow & Red – 1950s Dress & Top Set


November 14th, 2013

If you’ve always wanted to try wearing bright tropical prints to work but think it’s a wee bit too loud, then we think this cute dress will do the trick!

Boasting bright tropical prints that resemble paintwork, this cute peplum number with a flare skirt has just the amount of the classic black colour to balance out the bold, bright print!

Size: Bust – 37″, Waist – 22″-33″ (elasticated ), Hips-full

Paired here with a slim bright red plastic belt .

Wear tropical prints to work.

Tropical Paradise

November 7th, 2013

THIS BREEZY vintage dress makes us want to scoot off to Hawaii and sip pina colodas all day by the pool or beach. The prints are bright and cheery, and oh-so-fun to wear!

Can you imagine it with a massive sun hat and massive sunglasses? And a massive straw tote.

Bust: 34″; Waist: 26″

Knock those cute Hawaiian beach boys dead!

Tropical Foliage Print Dress

August 16th, 2013

It’s bright, it’s cheery and it’s perfect for the weekends! If you look closely, you would be able to spot prints of an exotic bird amongst the thick foliage!
What kind of bird do you think it is?

Size: M

Worn here with a 1980s purple belt.

Spot the birds in the foliage!