Leapin’ Lizards!

July 18th, 2014

Check out these two very eye-catching lizard-skin accessories in store now – A three tone cross-body box bag from the 1970s that will definitely add an edge to your outfit, and a highly collectible 1980s belt by well-known designer ” Alexis Kirk”.

This Just Might Be Your Bag, Baby!

April 24th, 2014

Whether with a raggedy T-shirt and ripped jeans, or a pretty and prim 50s vintage dress, vintage bags are a great way to add quirkiness to any outfit!

One piece each. Available at Granny’s Day Out, Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Bright, swirly and cheery 1960s handbag. Love!

Love the art deco details and clasp!

We love boxy Dooney and Bourke doctor bags.

Take this 1970s snakeskin bag everywhere.

Sling or hand carry? The choice is yours with this 1960s boxy sling bag!

This Liz Clairborne leather all-weather bag is a great classic.

Carpet bags add a quirky feel.

1960s black wicker bag with a sexy clasp and sexy shape. Sexaaaay!

You should see this one up close – the silver sheen is iridescent. One of our favourites.

Running away from home? This one will fit all your essentials and more. 1980s power!

From handbag to sling bag, this one is very clever!

We love our leather patchwork bags – they match everything!

Love the white beaded handle on this black wicker basket from the 1960s.

An alternative laptop carrier!

Think out of the box with this 1960s wicker box!

These beaded pouches take us back to childhood.

Zipping out for lunch? This could be your bag, baby.

Faux croc 1950s bag that adds elegance and panache.

Absolutely gratifyingly stupendously gorgeous snakeskin bag with a metal sling!

Big and glossy leather handbag big enough for Ipads and such.

Snakeskin leather purse with a nice elongated shape. Hand carry or sling this one.

The cutest 1960s white beaded bag with a mother of pearl frame.

Round and round we go with this horsehair 1970s purse.

1970s caramel/red/brown sling bag – reminds us of Autumn!

1960s mod bag in a cute lime green!

Ostrich style bags never go out of style!

Red is versatile – you better believe it. This fire engine red snakeskin leather sling adds a great pop of colour to most looks!

Super Rare Vintage Dooney & Bourke Doctor Satchel

March 28th, 2014

OMG! This bag is TO DIE FOR! Rare and hard to find, this precious hand-fitted satchel is sometimes referred to as a Doctor bag, as it resembles the big roomy satchels that a doctor used to carry on house calls!

With rich British tan accents, this black all-weather leather Dooney & Bourke satchel comes complete with both sets of straps and an attached key for the working lock! YES!!!!!

Sigh, they really don’t make them like these anymore!!

Available at Granny’s Day Out, Peninsula Shopping Centre. Call +65 6336 9774 or PM us for prices and enquiries.

Vintage Frederick Fox Hat

December 14th, 2013

SPECTACULAR vintage cocktail veil hat by renowned milliner FREDERICK FOX!

This rare velvet blue beauty has a birdcage veil with little felt square accents, and a woven braid of purple satin accenting around the sides, merging at the back of the hat to form a bow with cute bell-shaped ends.

Frederick Fox is regarded as one of Britain’s greatest and most distinguished milliners, and even made hats for Princess Diana and the Queen!

Vintage Whiting And Davis Purse

November 19th, 2013

HIS EXQUISITE Art-deco style vintage Whiting & Davis mesh purse is perfect for parties and galas!

It features an ultra-glam gold-metal mesh and a flirty double row of fringe across the bottom.

Available at Granny’s Day Out, Peninsula Shopping Centre. Call +65 6336 9774 or PM us for prices and enquiries.

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